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Team By Team Sleepers - New York Mets

The Roto Authority would like to start off this New York Mets entry with a non-Met aside. 

Man, Eric Milton is terrible this year.  We're talking worst-signing-of-the-century bad.  Worse than Christian Guzman even.  It's one thing to want Milton on your team for three years.  That's bad idea number one.  But to want to pay him $8 mil a year?  Next time I negotiate something, I want Eric Milton's agent involved.  That guy could negotiate an Eskimo to sign up for three years of ice cube delivery for $25 million.  Either that or Reds GM Dan O'Brien is dumb.

On to that other New York team, the Mets.  At this point, many expected the Mets to be better than two games over .500.  It may be related to how bad their infield is besides David Wright.  Speaking of Wright, if a fellow owner does not appreciate him for some reason, offer the world to pick him up.  If you are out of the race, try a dump trade like Manny Ramirez for Wright.  Wright is only 22 and he's developing more power and stealing more bags.  Plus, Willie Randolph is hitting him 5th now.  If the Mets ever get a few players in front of him who actually get on base, Wright should be able to drive in 110 or more.

Even The Roto Authority did not expect the excellence of Kris Benson.  Benson has shaken off all distractions and put up some nice numbers, justifying his bloated contract slightly.  Benson is 30 now, doesn't strike a ton of guys out, and gives up a decent number of home runs.  He makes a pretty good sell-high candidate.  He may have a few more good years left, but if you can pick up a young guy with upside go for it.

A Mets pitcher to look for for your 2006 or 2007 fantasy team is Yusmeiro Petit.  Provided Petit isn't traded to Tampa Bay in a moment of idiocy, he will be a solid Major League starter for New York.  He's putting up some nice numbers at AA right now and is very polished.  This year he was rated the fourth best pitching prospect by Baseball Prospectus (interestingly, right behind Scott Kazmir).   

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